Payment Platform for Groups

Let your customers pool money together to pay you - Risk and hassle free!

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How does it work?

1- You still issue a single bill for your product or service

Your customer picks the product or service they want from your website, just like they're used to, and goes to the checkout page.

2- Your customer specifies the people who will share the bill

Your customer clicks on "Split with PayPool", fills in the emails or the phone numbers of all the people involved in the bill, as well as their share of the bill.

3- We split it amongst them and pay you the full value at once

We send a payment form to all the individual people, and once the full amount is paid, you get it in your bank account.

Easy to integrate

You can add PayPool as a payment method to your online website via a simple HTML button to paste. Nothing more.

Customers love it

Your customers will love this new payment method for the next birthday gift, or a shared Discord server for the team.

Secure and risk-free

The purchase only succeeds when the full amount is duly paid. If it fails, you get no harm.

Got questions?

No. PayPool is a payment method that merchants can add to their website. It is based on the technology of the major players in the payment processing market and state-of-the-art security wise.

PayPool is made to facilitate transactions where many people are paying on behalf of a single customer, i.e. shared payments. As far as the seller is concerned, they are selling to a single person, and when applicable (such as for software and games), providing a license to a single customer. PayPool is not currently aimed at solving the shared ownership problem.

PayPool increases significantly the average value of your customer purchases. When several people pool money together, they are able to afford proportionally larger purchases, and thus siblings could buy an expensive christmas gift for their mother, a gaming team could finance a private audio chat server, a maker community could purchase inventory in bulk...

PayPool automates your Stripe or PayPal account. It splits the bill automatically to all the payers. Until everyone has paid, PayPool only authorizes the due amount from each person. When the last person has paid, PayPool captures then the amount from all the participants to your own account.

Nothing. When the payment is not fully paid by all participants within 7 days, no money changes hands, and the transaction appears to you as failed.

No. They receive a standard payment form via email or sms, where they can review the purchase, and fill payment details to pay their share of the bill.

When PayPool is ready, you will only need to copy paste an HTML snippet to your checkout page. Until then, feel free to get in touch with us, we have some early prototypes

Thank you for your interest! You can write to and subscribe to our waiting list.

PayPool is still exploring the appropriate business model with sellers and buyers alike. We will settle on the most optimal approach for everyone. Subscribe to know more!

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